We are pilots helping pilots achieve FAA medical certification with efficiency and confidence!

All of our services start with a free consult.  We tailor our services to meet your needs whether you're concerned about your own medical certification or making sure your whole flight department has the resources they need to keep flying. 

Individual Services


Wondering if you can take a specific medication while flying? Search our medication database by typing your medication in the form on the website. Based on the most current information we have. Free service available on our website to anyone.

Designed to ask you the same questions as your actual FAA exam. By using our MedXPress Simulator in advance you can see what kind of information you will need to provide.  This service is free to practice going over the MedXPress questions.


Concerned about how some of your answers may be viewed by an AME? There is an option to have one of our Pilot-Doctors review your answers to discuss any potential issues affecting your certification. 

New or ongoing medical issues that are concerning to you? Our flagship service of Record Review & Case Preparation can help. This service is available before you go see the AME to ensure a smooth process on arrival or it may be used after the fact if you find yourself with a deferment or denial from your AME.  Contact us today to find out more. 

For individuals or groups of pilots who would like ongoing communication and on demand case assistance. This service includes everything  in the Record Review & Case Presentation, commensurate with subscription level, and also includes unlimited questions on policy and standard practices that do not relate to a full case.  Contact us today to find out how we can keep you flying. 

Looking for an AME near you? We have developed the premier AME listing directory at, a companion site powered by Wingman Med. It is specifically designed to help you find your best AME with filter options, PIREPs and Google Reviews. This is a free service for anyone looking for the right AME.

Group Service


Managing a flight schedule and providing for your clients is difficult enough. Make sure your pilots have the resources they need so FAA medical issues don’t affect your bottom line. Our corporate services offers your whole flight department the same direct access to our team of aerospace medicine physicians that we offer to our individual clients. This includes free record review and FAA case preparation for your pilots. Contact us today to discuss how we can customize our services to meet your needs.