Pilots helping Pilots achieve
FAA Medical Certification with Confidence!


If you have a new medical diagnosis, just received a letter from the FAA or have any concerns about your FAA medical certificate, let us help. Don't stay grounded longer than you have too.


Don't let unnecessary administrative delays affect your schedule or distract your pilots. Whether you have routine questions or complex FAA medical exam submissions,  our corporate service gives you and your pilots direct access to our staff of aerospace medicine physicians. 



If you're safe to fly, we keep you in the air.  Our entire medical staff is residency trained in Aerospace Medicine and remain active pilots.  With more than six decades of collective aviation experience, we understand the passion and joy that comes with flying and what it takes to do it.  Our mission is to keep you flying too.  Navigating the FAA medical exam process can seem daunting and unpredictable, especially when faced with a new medical diagnosis.  Our experienced staff is here to help you get your FAA medical certificate with efficiency and peace of mind.  

Unlike your pilot's license, your medical certificate always has an expiration date. Make sure your medical isn't delayed or denied. Our consult service streamlines the process to avoid that hassle. Schedule a consult today.




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